25 Years Ago: VADER release The Ultimate Incantation

We wanted to play the demo songs different for the album, maybe a few parts slower and a few parts faster. We didn't just want to copy the same songs on the album. The sound is different also because the studio [Rhythm Studios] is better and we recorded in England so we would have more time.
We worked with Paul Johnson. We are pleased with the production, but only as a debut. We would like to change a lot with the sound on the next LP.
- Peter / Vader interview, Sounds of Death #3, 1993

VADER released The Ultimate Incantation on this day in 1992.

We made a video for "Dark Age", the first track on the album. It was played four or five times on European MTV. That's very goof, and it was a big break for us... We worked in Poland and in England on the video.
- Peter / Vader interview, Sounds of Death #3, 1993

Vader - Dark Age (Official Video)

The album cover was designed by Dan Seagrave.

We received a copy of the cover from Earache and they asked us if we wanted to use it and we said yes. It's not your usual cover. I mean, it's not a comic thing. We really like this type of painting because everybody has a different view of what they see in it.
- Peter / Vader interview, Sounds of Death #3, 1993