31 Years Ago: DARK ANGEL release Darkness Descends

DARK ANGEL released the classic Darkness Descends through Combat on this day in 1986.

Topics on Darkness Descends ranged from euthanasia and the very real pain of losing a loved one ("Death Is Certain") to the hypocrisy existing in a beloved book - the Bible ("The Burning of Sodom") to Karma, reincarnation and possibly a different answer to the question concerning afterlife ("Hunger of the Undead") to "Judge Dredd" issue #3 ("Darkness Descends" - beat you to it, Anthrax!) to Nostradamus, the prophet and his horrifying predictions of the fate of man ("Black Prophecies") to having no choice in the matter, but to follow orders adnd be one of the first to drop bombs ("Perish in Flames") to thrashing in the front row ("Merciless Death - gasp! How original!!...).
- Gene Hoglan / Dark Angel interview, Grey Matter #2, 1987