38 Years Ago: MOTORHEAD release the Bomber single (napalm to the bone!)

It was a bomber's sky: dry air, wind enough to clear the smoke, cloud broken enough to recognise a few stars...

On this day in 1979 MOTORHEAD released their sixth single, reaching 34 in the charts. The song (and iconic huge bomber rig) was, at least in part, inspired by Len Deighton's 1970 novel Bomber (quoted above).

The b-side was the equally killer "Over the Top"!

The above video was taken from Top of the Pops. Some places list the air date as the 3rd of December, two days later, but that was a Monday which can't be right... correct date should probably be 6 December, Thursday night.

The same TOTP episode had THE DAMNED and UK SUBS: