Incoming: MMP Temple releases June 2017 (Deverills Nexion, Hammemit)

To reassure any in silent observance, as we have the many who have been in contact, all new MMP Temple releases for June 2017 will be in stock shortly. We made a large order so preparation time will take longer than normal, we're still expecting to have them available next week.

Incoming titles:

Deverills Nexion - Sinister Musick Vol. III
Hammemit - ...from the Old Hills Desolate
Various - Behold, the Blood from the Moon

Limited availability, in stock now:

The Sinister Flame - Issue 4: Hammer of Black Illumination (featuring interviews with MMP Temple and HAMMEMIT)
Hammemit - Nature Mystic CD (last copies)

Churchyard Tree

MMP Temple was established during the 111th year of Fayen (2000, era vulgaris) under another name than it now bears, initially dealing in obscurely dark and original music presented on cassette tape. The rudimentary purpose thus explained is somewhat different compared to today, where we are now mainly concerned with ONA / Order of Nine Angles related or inspired material, however the form remains similar - the release of various Sinister music(k) works of superior quality imbued with a pernicious mysterium. By "superior quality" we refer to the depth of Sinister essence evoked within that musick, rather than the level of technical ability or some other "professional" qualities. Those latter being of no import whatsoever, except in the case of chant, vibration etc, or if the foreseen purpose of the musick requires it to be played in a certain key, perhaps...

The genuinely Sinister musick made available here is unremittingly baleful in its intent. Thus may it find you - inspiration for malign kindred in their bale-weorc, a presencing of the dark, a laying of the new Aeon's foundations, distortion of the mundane, a curse on all others.


York, England, 124 yf.