Mr Sid: A playlist of tracks I fucking love that have been influential, in some shape or form, in the creation of Slaves!!

Mr Sid: A playlist of tracks I fucking love that have been influential, in some shape or form, in the creation of Slaves!!

Playlist by Mr Sid (Slaves zine)


  • Rudimentary Peni

    Rotten to the Core

    Death Church (1983)

    Lyrically more of an influence than any metal I've ever heard, this track is total indignation toward the arrogance and bullshit of mankind. Pure contempt and a fucking classic from one of the greatest albums created!

  • Septic Death


    Now That I Have the Attention What Do I Do with It? (1986)

    Septic Death were incomparably fucking great. "Thaw" exposes the stupidity of humanity in a blur of alien American hardcore punk and never gets old. Some of the re-appropriated lyrics appear in Aidan's art for Slaves 2.

  • S.O.D.

    Kill Yourself

    Speak English or Die (1985)

    After my dad had killed himself a few years previous, it was great to hear this release as an eleven year old kid looking for some meaning in the world. Misanthropic, fuck you hardcore that has never been bettered. Inject a bubble in yer arm and hail Sargeant D!!!

  • Sigh

    12 Souls

    Hail Horror Hail (1997)

    For me, black metal has always been about creating sounds of horror and exposing the dark reality of man's sordid psche. I dunno about the latter but this is pure transcendental fucking horror soundtrack that makes my gal's panties wet! No rules, just pure expression as black metal should always be.

  • Ride for Revenge

    No Savior No Return

    Wisdom of the Few (2009)

    From my favourite RfR album, this track and "Dedicated to Destruction" are just fucking brilliant. Again, no fucking rules, just ritualistic darkness as expected each and every time by these Finnish masters.

  • Demoncy

    Impure Blessings

    Joined in Darkness (1999)

    I was sold on this album the first time I heard it and it's been my quality control ever since. Few releases can touch this album for atmospherics and genuine fucking darkness. A true fucking work of genius as evidenced with this here track. Fuck off weak bm.

  • Sort Vokter

    Hatefulle tanker ut i natten

    Folkloric Necro Metal (1996)

    This album is a masterpiece of nature worship and this track epitomises harshness and malevolence in one cut of the blade. Total fucking bliss!

  • Reverend Kriss Hades

    Black Mass Murder (Satanic Version)

    The Wind of Orion (2002)

    Many a time have I heard this in altered states, just waiting for the pandemonic break down and the sense of vertigo, anxiety and animalistic lust it conjures. Play this next to yer average modern extreme metal release and recognise just how dull and shit it is. This cannot be recommended highly enough. Hail Sad Ex and fukk you!

  • Limewax


    Scars on the Horizon (2006)

    Most people I've played this track to fucking hated it and turned it off. This is a good sign. Back from when Limewax was an untouchable force of angst ridden musical kaos, this is absolut fucking audio violence I want played at my funeral. Darker and more sonically decimating than most extreme metal, they doe mek 'em like this no more.

  • Roy Orbison

    Life Fades Away

    Less Than Zero Soundtrack (1987)

    Essentially a rip off of The Big O's 'In Dreams' written by Danzig, this is a masterpiece of melancholic beauty with Roy's incredible vocal performance (the last few bars, guy!) show and proving why he was one of the finest male singers of all time and Glenn showing the world, once again, that he's not to be fucked with when it comes to writing a good tune. The perfect ode to death, what better way to say goodbye to Slaves?!