Behind the Scenes of Merrimack's In the Halls of White Death (Uncensored Video & Photos)

Details and photos from the filming of MERRIMACK's "In the Halls of White Death". Taken from their third album, Grey Rigorism. Thanks to Eliska Cross for the dates and most of these photos!

Actresses: Eliska Cross, Camille Victorine
Actors: Terrorizt, Perversifier, EsX, Necrolith, Daethorn
Director: Jeanphilippe Malric, Marc Obregon

Filming started: Monday, 7 September, 2009.

We have contacted Klister Prods, consisting of two film makers who are completely infected by the most disgusting Black-Metal madness, and let them do everything they wanted to. The result is probably one of the best Black-Metal videos ever (which is not difficult), if not the best. Some could argue that it's full of clichés, which is not so true. There are some, but it was important for us all, in order to let them manifest for once in a way that is not cheesy and / or awkward and / or ridiculous. The result is a mix of the director's fantasies and obsessions mixed with esoteric and occult references. We worked with the French porn actress Eliska Cross. The reason is she perfectly fits to the physical criteria wanted by the directors, plus we needed someone comfortable with nudity. This said, we wanted to avoid gratuitous pornography at any price and I consider the result as pretty decent.

"In the Halls of White Death" stars Eliska Cross as a young woman tortured and given as an offering to Baphomet. Filming took place in the wet and cold basement of an abandoned building. The scenes featuring vocalist Terrorizt and female martyrdom were filmed in an old cellar section of the basement.

Filming took a few long, difficult days during the week of 7 September 2009. The final scene of the video was filmed during the second day as Camille Victorine (Baphomet) did not show. The final day of shooting was reserved for the difficult outdoors scenes with farm animals.

The music video premiered Saturday, 17 October 2009 at Le Black Dog bar in Paris.