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10 Albums that Influenced Early BATHORY

Early BATHORY was a mix of MOTÖRHEAD, BLACK SABBATH's dark atmosphere and the surge of British punk and hardcore in 1981/1982. "Die in Fire" and "You Don't Move Me" from around summer 1983 with a temporary lineup of Quorthon, Rickard Bergman and Johan Elven (both from Quorthon's old punk band STRIDSKUK). 1. MOTÖRHEAD - Ace of Spades (Nov, 1980) "This album was imperative in shaping BATHORY's early sound and attitude, a fact that - despite the obvious difference in lyrics - is clearly evident when listening to virtually anything caught on tape by BATHORY in the years 1983 and 1984." I believe most really early BATHORY compositions like "Sacrifice", "Satan My Master", "Witchcraft", "You Don't Move Me (I Don't Give A Fuck)" and "Die In...

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