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Metal Forces Playlists (1983)

Playlists -

Metal Forces Playlists (1983)

The Metal Forces magazine playlists were compiled by both editors (Bernard Doe and Dave Constable) and both staff writers (Steve Hammonds and Dave Reynolds). Here are the lists from issue #2, winter 1983/1984.

The most interesting inclusion, featured on three of the four lists, is "Maniac" by HELLHAMMER despite (or because of) the following infamous review of their Triumph of Death demo by Bernard in the same issue:

Amongst the endless stream of demos that drop through the letter box week in and week out, now and again one in particular will stand head and shoulders above the rest. It happened with METALLICA, EXCITER, KRAKEN, PRETTY MAIDS and HELSTAR to name but a few and now it's happened with HELLHAMMER. With METALLICA's and EXCITER's it was with its sheer power and class, However, with HELLHAMMER it's because it's so FUCKIN' bad !!!!
You've literally got to hear this demo to believe it. It's guaranteed to make even the hardest of hard core rivet-heads cringe in disbelief!!
HELLHAMMER, formerly known as HAMMERHEAD, come from Switzerland of all places and were formed (thrown-up!) in May 1982. A 3-piece band consisting of Satanic Slaughter (guitar/vocals), his brother Savage Damage (bass/vocals) and Bloodhunter (drums), HELLHAMMER take the meaning of "Death Metal" it its extreme (you've surely got to be dead to appreciate this - although brain damage may help!) However, the band like to describe there music(?) as "Blood Attack" and proclaim themselves as being "The Axe Attack From The Darker Side Of Metal".
Now, anyone who knows me will tell you that I like my Metal HEAVY, and make no mistake HELLHAMMER are H-E-A-V-Y, indeed they make VENOM sound like the BEE GEES!..., but surely you've got to draw a line somewhere? The band have the right idea, but unfortunately the musicianship and production of this demo entitled "Triumph Of Death" is way below zero. I mean does anyone really want to listen to 13 tracks of total distortion with vocals that sound like LEMMY with a mouthful of warts!
The standout track (ie worst track) on this monstrosity has to be "Maniac", which is so bad it's actually quite likeable. I guarantee it will make you smile, if nothing else! As for the rest... well I'l leave you to discover mental-lic gems such as "Crucifixion", "Decapitator", "Blood Insanity" "Death Fiend", "Ready For Slaughter" etc... for yourself.
If for some insane reason you want to obtain a copy of "Triumph Of Death" then you can do so by sending three dead rats and a bag of blood vomit (or if it's easier £3.00) to:- HELLHAMMER, P.O.Box 12, 8309 Nurenadorf, Switzerland.

Bernard Doe (editor)

  • Pretty Maids

    Night Danger

    Demo 1983

  • Satan

    Break Free

    Court in the Art 1983

  • Strut

    Turn Me Loose


  • Slayer

    Show No Mercy

    Show No Mercy 1983

  • Metal Church

    Metal Church

    Metal Church 1984

Dave Constable (editor)

Steve Hammonds (staff writer)

Dave Reynolds (staff writer)

  • Spys


    Spys 1982

  • Black Lace

    On the Attack

    Unlaced 1984

  • Overlord

    Overlord Bury Burien '83

    Unofficial official live tape 1983

  • Hellhammer


    Triumph of Death 1983

  • Michael Bolton

    Michael Bolton 1983