Celestia - Frigidiis Apotheosia: Abstinencia Genesiis (Cassette)

Celestia - Frigidiis Apotheosia: Abstinencia Genesiis (Cassette)

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Aristocratic ethereal black metal.


Track listing

  1. She's Dead (Valse funeste de décomposition)
  2. A Plaintive Cry Merely Echo
  3. Admirable Eros Abstraction
  4. A Regrettable Misinterpretation of Mournfulness
  5. Death of the Lizard Queen (Necro Phaanthasma)
  6. Morbid Romance (Arcana VI Revisitae)
  7. The Seed of Negation (Abnegativia Rejections)
  8. Frigidiis Apotheosia (Dormant Rests of Raped Necrosia)


It's easy to see that CELESTIA haven't lost their way on "Frigidiis Apotheosia", for this is certainly their most accomplished piece of art yet (and I do not use that phrase lightly). The riffs are beautiful and unique (with “Death Of The Lizard Queen” being the absolute high point), synths are kept subtle and within the bounds of taste, the mix is just rough enough without muddying up the sound, and the vocals are raspy and hateful. If you like music in the veins of PESTE NOIRE or MORTIFERA this is a definite purchase. If you're not familiar with any of these bands, I still advise you to check it out, for this is certainly a strong contender for album of the year so far. - 5/5

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