Celestia - Retrospectra (CD)

Celestia - Retrospectra (CD)

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A retrospective of CELESTIA's early work.
Includes material from: A Cave Full of Bats (1999), The Awakening of the Dormant Fiancée (2000), A Dying Out of Ecstasy (1998), Split with EVIL (1999), songs recorded for SABBAT tribute.
The sound has been remastered for this release. 16 page book with lyrics, and some exclusive pictures.


Track listing

  1. A Dying Out Ecstasy
  2. A Silent Night in a Silent Castle
  3. The Forest Was a Neverending Place
  4. Prisoner of a Morbid Cradle
  5. Mort d'une vestale
  6. Spectra
  7. Immortal Floating Shadow
  8. Darkness Enfold the Sky
  9. Demonic Screaming Entity
  10. Infected by Rats
  11. Black Spell of Destruction (Burzum cover)
  12. Prisoner of a Morbid Cradle
  13. The Forest Was a Neverending Place
  14. A Dying Out Ecstasy
  15. Mort d'une vestale
  16. Khaos and Pain
  17. Infected by Rats
  18. Spectra
  19. The Dapple Egg (Sabbat cover)