Misfits - Evilive (CD)

Misfits - Evilive (CD)

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Originally released as a 7" in 1982, Evilive has always consisted of selected tracks from two shows:

November 20th 1981 - On Broadway; San Francisco.
The Misfits played upstairs and opened by showing Ed Wood's Plan 9 From Outer Space, the band then burst through the screen. Black Flag were playing the same night and Henry Rollins joins vocals for the last track, We Are 138! Soundboard recording.

December 17th 1981 - The Ritz; New York.
The Misfits were surprise headliners for this show. The Undead and Heartattack were the openers. Members of The Misfits threw bottles at ex-Misfits guitarist Bobby Steele during the Undead's set, the crowd threw ice at Danzig during their show.

This expanded release (five more tracks) was released in 1987 on vinyl, re-pressed in 1989, re-pressed again and released on CD in March, 1997.


Track listing

  1. 20 Eyes
  2. Night of the Living Dead
  3. Astro Zombies
  4. Horror Business
  5. London Dungeon
  6. Nike A Go Go
  7. Hatebreeders
  8. Devil's Whorehouse
  9. All Hell Breaks Loose
  10. Horror Hotel
  11. Ghouls Night Out
  12. We Are 138


...despite featuring a few lesser lights from the band's canon ("Nike A-Go-Go," "All Hell Breaks Loose"), Evilive also boasted a historic encore cameo from then Black Flag singer Henry Rollins on an always anthemic "We Are 138"...classic! - 3/5