Bestial Mockery - Slaying the Life (CD)

Bestial Mockery - Slaying the Life (CD)

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No pardon given our aims are fucking set - we are out for destruction and we are coming for YOU!
- Master Motorsag, from the outbombed trenches of Armageddon 2007

BESTIAL MOCKERY stand for the ultimate downfall of humanity in all its forms, the mockery of everything sacred and holy. Slaying the Life, the band's new full length platter, is here to remind people that evil is everywhere and Black Metal is Satan's hand. Thrashingly evil, bleaker than black and 666% METAL! BESTIAL MOCKERY wage musical war on YOU! UNPURE - UNHOLY - UNTIGHT!


Track listing

  1. Slaughter Mass
  2. Storm of the Beast
  3. Antichrist of War
  4. Black Spell of Armageddon
  5. Scream for War
  6. Deathsong
  7. Infantry Storm
  8. Funeral Pyre
  9. War Summoning
  10. Apocalypse Prayer
  11. Metal Fucking Death


...they are sure a band to follow if you like bands like DESASTER or NIFELHEIM, or are just crazy for dirty and perverse Thrash. On of my favorite releases of the year and a must get to any self respected Metaller. - 5/5