Heilung - Drif (Digibook CD) Heilung - Drif (Digibook CD)

Heilung - Drif (Digibook CD)

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CD in deluxe sewnbound hardcover book covered with cotton fabric with gold foil on front, back and spine, containing 128 pages including lyrics, drawings, pictures and explanation of the lyrics.

Since its inception in 2017, enigmatic world music collective HEILUNG has been paving melodic paths to the past with their unique and mystifying sound.Evading all conventional genre tags and the confines of any specific labels, the group aptly self-describes their sound as "amplified history", emphasizing their ability to connect modern society with the rudiments of humanity's beginnings through music. HEILUNG once again journeys back in time with its new chapter, Drif however, unlike previous offerings that centered around medieval northern Europe, album number three will explore all great ancient civilizations.


Track listing

  1. Asja
  2. Anoana
  3. Tenet
  4. Urbani
  5. Keltentrauer
  6. Nesso
  7. Buslas Bann
  8. Nikkal
  9. Marduk


...Drif feels like a natural evolutionary step for a band who understand the unique power of story and song, and how such forces can transcend borders and language to bind us all together - wherever we're from, and whoever we are. - 4/5