Mutiilation - Majestas Leprosus (2012 Reissue) (CD)

Mutiilation - Majestas Leprosus (2012 Reissue) (CD)

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A decade after it's original release on Ordealis, the grim void of Majestas Leprosus is unleashed once again! Grim black metal of death, depression and depravity as MUTIILATION perfected over the past twenty years!!


Track listing

  1. Introducing the Plague
  2. Tormenting My Nights
  3. Destroy Your Life for Satan
  4. Bitterness Bloodred
  5. Majestas Leprosus
  6. Beyond the Decay of Time and Flies
  7. The Ugliness Inside
  8. If these Walls Could Speak
  9. Words of Evil


...Mutiilation remain for me one of the strongest bands still existing in the Black Metal genre, and for me "Majestas Leprosus" simply confirms their strength and worthiness as it pounds along for its 45 minute duration. Do not miss this if you have any inclination towards the grim side of Metal. - 5/5