Various - A Black Mark Tribute (CD)

Various - A Black Mark Tribute (CD)

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An interesting look at the Black Mark roster of the late ninties and an eclectic selection of covers for sure. This is a tribute by Black Mark artists to bands that have influenced them. Quorthon (BATHORY) covers the SEX PISTOLS and MOTORHEAD!


Track listing

  1. Soulquake System - Firestarter (Prodigy cover)
  2. Memento Mori - Sold My Soul (Nazareth cover)
  3. Necrophobic - Ridden with Disease (Autopsy cover)
  4. World of Silence - Strawberry Fields Forever (Beatles cover)
  5. Quorthon - God Save the Queen (Sex Pistols cover)
  6. Tad Morose - Power of the Night (Savatage cover)
  7. Divine Sin - Eternal Dark (Picture cover)
  8. Hexenhaus - War (Edwin Starr cover)
  9. Corporal Punishment - It's a Sin (Pet Shop Boys cover)
  10. Bathory - Ace of Spades (Motorhead cover)
  11. Nightingale - Return to Fantasy (Uriah Heep cover)
  12. Edge of Sanity - Invisible Sun (The Police cover)
  13. Morgana Lefay - Parasite (Kiss cover)