Whiplash - Unborn Again (Digipak CD)

Whiplash - Unborn Again (Digipak CD)

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It is clearly evident that capturing the old thrash vibe is always best executed by the pioneering forefathers and thrash metal veterans WHIPLASH delivers probably one of their most diverse and mature album to date with Unborn Again. The legendary Tony Portaro teams up with Joe Cangelosi (ex-KREATOR) and Rich Day (ex-PRIMAL SCREAM) in an effort to create an album of seamless songwriting capability with a fiery chemistry never seen and heard for a long time in WHIPLASH history!


Track listing

  1. Swallow the Slaughter
  2. Snuff
  3. Firewater
  4. Float Face Down
  5. Fight or Flight
  6. Pitbulls in the Playground
  7. Parade of Two Legs
  8. Hook in Mouth
  9. I've Got the Fire (Montrose cover)
  10. Feeding Frenzy


Unborn Again may lack the energy and nastiness of Whiplash's back catalogue, but the band deserves praise for hanging in there. The golden age of thrash is over and has been for quite some time, so we'll never again have classics such as "Ticket to Mayhem" and "Insult to Energy," but Unborn Again keeps this vaunted style alive, even if we can no longer bang like we did in our younger years. - 4/5