Antediluvian / Temple Nightside - Cogitating Vacuous (EP)

Antediluvian / Temple Nightside - Cogitating Vacuous (EP)

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Exclusive tracks by both bands, darkened death metal bestiality vs ritualistic death / black. Comes with two-sided mini poster.

First pressing.


Track listing

  1. Antediluvian - Communion with the Void
  2. Temple Nightside - Somnambulant of the Void


The two abominations of blackened death metal once again fabricate material that ensure their grasp on evil, and while the main reason I got this split was because it featured an exclusive track from Antediluvian, Canada's finest in my opinion, (and I still think their part of the split was better) I can't deny that Australians killer black/death scene is growing more ominous and efficient with Temple. What else can I say about this split? It' everything I want in one, small package. The whole profusion is abstract, otherworldly, chthonic, surreal, and everything religion worked upon is now a mere gathering of rubble, picking up dust as a new, profane ritual starts blossoming as we speak. Go forth, the dark winds are uttering you name. - 5/5