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For years something has been stirring in the cauldron of sinister darkness, patiently waiting for the hour to strike, and now the time of the wolf draws near. Guided by the will of fire, this magical, musi-cal journey has been skillfully crafted to lead you into the cave of the numinous, a journey into the very soul of all that is unholy. An aural doorway between the flesh and the soul, a spiritual bridge be-tween the conscious and the subconscious, handed down from the beast of eternal destruction to its faithful devotees in order to spread its holy poison upon the world. It doesn‘t accept the norms, the answers or the limits of and set by others, it doesn‘t follow the trends of the essenceless, castrated form of nowadays scene, but seeks to separate itself from the shallow forms and empty image clueless to any genuine Satanic philosophy. Paving its own path in opposi-tion to the status quo, giving voice to the silent, formless void in search of oneness with His fire. It is a tool created to explore the unknown and the forbidden, and through strengthening and hardening ordeals burn everything in its path of eternal becoming. It does not carry any name, for it does not serve to please the flesh or the ego found therein, but is offered as a gift from the darkness to the darkness. It is the trumpet in judgment halls, chthonic reve-lations from the abyss of unlimited might, the pulsating impulses of the Devil’s energies piercing through the barriers of creation to seek its demise.
From the vortex of timeless chaos, a journey that will sink you to the depths of death. Devil-music for the end times!


Track listing

  1. NED XXX 1
  2. NED XXX 2
  3. NED XXX 3
  4. NED XXX 4
  5. NED XXX 5
  6. NED XXX 6
  7. NED XXX 7
  8. NED XXX 8

Review abstract piece that does not for a second ‘beg’ to be listened to. Those compelled will be undoubtedly drawn by the heavy spirituality inherent to each piece and no doubt the space-rock blown black metallic random violence that drives the affair will be too much for all but the most deranged. - 4/5