Anal Blasphemy - Bestial Black Metal Filth (LP)

Anal Blasphemy - Bestial Black Metal Filth (LP)

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Bestial debut full-length onslaught of ANAL BLASPHEMY strikes down hard on god's people with ugly, primitive and hateful black death metal! Drawing influence from BEHERIT, BLASPHEMY, DEMONCY and such alike ANAL BLASPHEMY creates a perverse mixture of both fast Christbashing and slow Satanic downtuned sounds of the abyss making it a personal style of blasphemous and unholy black metal.



The sound is a huge, echoing wall of toxic black death, the vocals a sick but almost intelligible belch, and everything is performed by the band's sole member, Molestor Kadotus. This one man approach is another thing that brings both Bathory and Xasthur to mind, but the density of sound and depth of the band's bassy attack make this as much death as black metal. It's just excellent all the way around, and whether it's war, black or death metal, if it even matters, it just kills. Sick! One of the best new albums I've heard so far this year. - 5/5