Glorior Belli - The Apostates (Digipak CD)

Glorior Belli - The Apostates (Digipak CD)

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French black metal iconoclasts GLORIOR BELLI reemerge with The Apostates, the latest and greatest in their canon of disparate black metal. GLORIOR BELLI smashes orthodox black metal rules; honing their pitch-black extremity with sinewy and serpentine heavy rock riffs. The resulting new album proves once again that their left-hand path always travels forward.


Track listing

  1. Sui Generis
  2. Deserters of Eden
  3. The Apostates
  4. Bedlam Bedamned
  5. Hangin' Crepe
  6. Jerkwater Redemption
  7. Split Tongues Won't Atone
  8. Runaway Charley
  9. Rebel Reveries

Review interesting album from French Glorior Belli, mixing black metal-the late 90s/early 2000s French sound-with some black n roll-ish passages here and there. What sets this album further apart from the crowd is that they also throw in some blend of heavy metal, rock and a little bit of alternative rock, which is something I'd usually steer clear of, but the band has managed to make this unholy mix work as a cohesive ensemble. - 4/5