Goatpenis - Anesthetic Vapor (LP)

Goatpenis - Anesthetic Vapor (LP)

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GOATPENIS has championed the inevitable reality of human self-annihilation, thus earning its place among the few atop the mantle of black war metal. Whereas the term war metal is often used as a misnomer in reference to any generic bestial black metal band, GOATPENIS is one among a scarce number of acts who actually embody the spirit of the label in all aspects of the music's thematic content, songwriting, and execution. Anesthetic Vapor, the current culmination of the band's violent trajectory, reaffirms the application of the war metal badge throughout. Rife with the militaristic cadences of tracks like Carnivorous Ability and the anthemic, yet destructive progressions written into songs such as Humanatomy Grinder Chatter Studies and Machiavelli Reputation - Chapter XVII, the album both perfectly foretells and welcomes our own orchestrated demise. Of course, present throughout are the characteristically sadistic vocals of Sabbaoth, who is joined on guest vocals by Nocturnal Grave Desecrator and Black Winds of BLASPHEMY cult, one of the original Gods of War. In this day and age, as global political tensions rise daily and exponentially, and threaten to result in the self-induced extinction of humankind, Anesthetic Vapor heeds the call for war and celebrates it.


Track listing

  1. Intro - Tambours géants
  2. Anesthetic Vapors
  3. Humanatomy Grinder Chatter Studie
  4. Machiavelli Reputation - Chapter XVII
  5. Excrementory Genocide
  6. Carnivorous Ability
  7. Krieg und Frieden
  8. Front Toward Enemy
  9. Hallucinatory Sirens
  10. Oppressive Ferric Noise
  11. Pleasant Atrocities March