Sort Vokter - Folkloric Necro Metal (Cassette)

Sort Vokter - Folkloric Necro Metal (Cassette)

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Tape reissue of the infamous ILDJARN side-project, whose only release was this 1996 album! As with ILDJARN, instruments are taken to their rawest essential sounds, and heavy doses of keyboard organ bring the unique touch that for most separates it from ILDJARN in atmosphere.


Track listing

  1. Kveldstimer
  2. Langs stier uten ende
  3. Grålysning
  4. Fra kilden til tjernet
  5. Tårers sang
  6. Hatefulle tanker ut i natten
  7. Ni gygrer / Nattjakt
  8. Bak to lysende øyne
  9. Sønn av skyggers skygge
  10. Fjellstev


An unmistakable, fuzzy mist clings to this entire recording; something that immediately hits you, never leaves, and creates an identity to separate it from many other albums. This does help the album by allowing continual and alternating sounds to emerge, and complements the vocal screams. These hidden screams are emitted forcefully with a slight echo to harmonize the atmosphere being fashioned. The instruments sound as if they have been smashed before recording, allowing for a great distorted and destroyed resonance throughout. In fact, it sounds as if it was recorded in a huge metal-sheet factory with vast panes of silver metal being showered by molten flames of smouldering rock. The way this film has been used means it is penetrable by the human ear (just) but keeps itself with such remoteness that the listener is forced to observe at distance. This leaves many complexities hidden and requires you to listen closely to the intricate workings, not just the overall result. This is an extreme version of Darkthrone's garage-sound with a lot of inspiration taken from said group. Keyboards are used as backbones, with simple repeating notes controlling the emptiness behind the guitars. This synthesized layer is used to raise the sound direction when used in conjunction with other instruments. At times the album sounds like classic Norwegian stripped-down black metal, at other times it sounds closer to techno/industrial with some terrifyingly inhuman roars and sonic, unyielding drumming. No doubt this is a great album. It is experimental while remaining very simplistic and takes a number of previous ideas to new levels of extremity. - 4/5