Antediluvian - Logos (λόγος) (LP)

Antediluvian - Logos (λόγος) (LP)

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Nine pummeling tracks focus on attack, pulsing with hammering fecundity. Antagonistic and aggressive, the album depicts the force of primal creation turning on itself in a meditation on destruction and total death. The inter-cosmic energy trapped in matter recalls the primordial abyss of pre-existence, and denounces the domineering voice of the demiurge captor. This is the moment of self-recognition in the mirror of the cosmos; it is the realization that matter is twisted together in a great abominable mass of reflected forms. Claustrophobic and demented, Logos is the most overbearing and penetrating ANTEDILUVIAN release yet.


Track listing

  1. Homunculus Daimon-Eon (Awakening)
  2. Consumate Spellbound Synapses
  3. Towers of Silence
  4. The Ash and the Stars
  5. Beyond Diurnal Winds
  6. Nuclear Crucifixion (Turning the Spear Inward)
  7. On the Tree of Death
  8. Transept of Limbs
  9. Death Meta


...a representation of ideological and spiritual beliefs which are executed both musically and visually. Logos undoubtedly crushes what any polished, over-the-top blast beat metal has to offer - and that's the way death metal should be: filthy and destructive. It also should be mentioned that all of the art content has been constructed by Haasiophis and emphasizes Logos in its essence entirely. - 5/5