Angelscourge - In the Realm of the Horned (Cassette)

Angelscourge - In the Realm of the Horned (Cassette)

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The spirit of Satan masterfully invoked by this Finnish angelscourging entity, with a strong emphasis on the ancient Scandinavian black metal sound (reminiscent of old DARK FUNERAL, DISSECTION, SACRAMENTUM, VINTERLAND etc.) carrying the sacred flame born before the creation of Man...


Track listing

  1. Path to Lightless Dawn
  2. Black Crystal Gardens
  3. Serpents in the Frozen Mist


The roots of ANGELSCOURGE's Black Metal are definitely in the Swedish style of early 90s Black Metal; in those times when bands like DISSECTION, UNANIMATED, MÖRK GRYNING, SACRAMENTUM and the likes... The guys have obviously taken their time to cook their pitch-black ingredients of an unceremoniously bled blood and twice vomited venom without any specific time frame; so album-ready they do sound like on this 3-track effort of theirs. Any further analysis about this very much nut-kicking icon-smasher would be as unnecessary as giving a drum lesson to Dave Lombardo. 5 horns up for these lads! - 5/5