Chainsaw - The Announcement (Cassette)

Chainsaw - The Announcement (Cassette)

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Cult Chilean black metal solo project! You may remember their 2001 demo we had in the past "Satan I Obey!", until 2007 this was the only CHAINSAW release available! The Announcement was composed between 1997 and 2001 and is the final opus from CHAINSAW.
Dedicated to all true Satanists, Occultists, Devotees of Evil Metal!
Pro tape, gold print.


Track listing

  1. Impalement to Destroy
  2. Triumph of Evil
  3. The Announcement
  4. Hail! To Inquisition
  5. Back into the Abyss
  6. Ready to Nail
  7. Black Pest
  8. Last Ordeal


Chainsaw is an obscure one-man project (with session drummer) based out of Chile. Deathmessiah knows what he likes and if you're a maniac he knows what you like as well. This short and blistering record is an attempt to keep alive the drunken, bullet-belted spirit of the decaying hordes who created timeless classics such as Morbid Visions, I.N.R.I, and Under the Sign of the Black Mark. This record doesn't have the necessary context of time or influence to go down in history, but I will say that it is a very capable attempt at a style that cannot be allowed to go extinct. - 4/5