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Lizzies - On Thin Ice (Digipak CD)

Lizzies - On Thin Ice (Digipak CD)

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Lizzies returns with the second album On Thin Ice. The eleven track long album is sharper, tighter and filled with some of the strongest hooks and choruses of the year. The album follows the bands applauded debut, Good Luck, that made it to an impressive #16 in the Spanish Charts. The album is produced by Ola Ersfjord (TRIBULATION, PRIMORDIAL, NIGHT, HONEYMOON DISEASE) and mastered by Magnus Lindberg. The entire recording got an 80s vibe over it and hit songs as No Law City, Talk Shit And Get Hit and Rosa Maria would have been immortalized today if released 40 years ago.


Track listing

  1. Like an Animal
  2. No Law City
  3. I'm Paranoid
  4. Playing with Death
  5. Real Fighter
  6. Talk Shit and Get Hit
  7. Final Sentence
  8. Rosa María
  9. World Eyes on Me
  10. Love Is Hard
  11. The Crown