Taake - Stridens hus (Digipak CD)

Taake - Stridens hus (Digipak CD)

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Stridens hus takes the unique TAAKE sound and develops it further. Still true to the spirit of the old Norwegian black metal, Hoest breathes new life into the genre by introducing different elements that ensure the sound remains fresh and relevant. Some parts are more groove and rock orientated, whilst some have a distinctly punk attitude. However, this is still unmistakably TAAKE and, as always, we're treated to a varied album with intense, unique and unpredictable dynamics. Once again, Hoest plays all the instruments himself, but this time the Taake live band has contributed to the recording, alongside producer Bjørnar E. Nilsen.


Track listing

  1. Gamle Norig
  2. Orm
  3. Det fins en prins
  4. Stank
  5. En sang til sand om ildebrann
  6. Kongsgaard bestaar
  7. Vinger