Anal Vomit / Ordo Caper - Culto de los Venenos (Cassette)

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South / Central American split of bestial death metal!


Track listing

  1. Gods of Perdition
    Anal Vomit
  2. Sendero siniestro
    Anal Vomit
  3. Prevail the Cult
    Anal Vomit
  4. Necromatanza
    Anal Vomit
  5. Annihilation and Turmoil
    Ordo Caper
  6. Igboddu
    Ordo Caper
  7. Acid Orgy (Goatlord cover)
    Ordo Caper
  8. Eht Tsrow Sdrow (Goatpenis cover)
    Ordo Caper