Kachna a Zodiac - Naboku (CD)

Kachna a Zodiac - Naboku (CD)

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Kachna a Zodiac is a new neo-folk duo formed by Kacka Bimova (harmonica, vocals), and Antonin Kriz (guitar, vocals). Naboku is their debut album, however members do have years of experience in Czech theatre. The lyrical themes split between life and the occult.


Track listing

  1. Kapitán Čert
  2. Carnac
  3. Starej Bár, Archetyp Dnešní Doby
  4. Ó, Marí
  5. Brazílie
  6. Autobus
  7. Kočičí Podzim
  8. Ženská
  9. Et Moi...
  10. Gora
  11. Kurtizány
  12. Vesmír
  13. Vodrhovačka