Maniac Butcher - Epitaph: The Final Onslaught of Maniac Butcher (Cassette)

Maniac Butcher - Epitaph: The Final Onslaught of Maniac Butcher (Cassette)

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We and our musical feeling stayed same but the scene around us was changed a lot in the last years. Many old great hordes already left the scene and there remain tons of sweet childish imitations full of romantic keyboards and female vocals. We are afraid there is no more place for hordes like Maniac Butcher on today's scene.

Now nearly no bands play that, what was called as Black Metal in the past... and that, what is called as Black Metal today, we call shit. We don't want to do anything with that shit. We don't want to be part of this fuckin' scene for more...

Today's Black Metal scene is dead !! But true Black Metal will live so long, until some true Black Metal fans will love and listen to old recordings !! We will never betray our roots !!
- Barbarud & Blasphemer, November 2000.


Track listing

  1. What's Good for Me, That Good Is - of My Acting-sense, Through My Life for Years
  2. Crucial Battle of Blood Successfully over Is, and Thus is This Campaign Gloriously Accomplished
  3. In the Shades of Storming Mountains, at the Shores of River Oharka, in That Land Let for Next Three Days Liquor as a Stream Flow to Celebrate our Glorious Victory
  4. So Many Murders Have Been Happening to the Humble People in the Realm of Žatec, for Everyone Seems to Inevitably End as This
  5. Experience and Final Wisdom Suitable for Gaining Exertion Mainly at Kings, Warlords, Emperors, and Other Mighty Rulers

Review starts right off with one of those superfast thrashing black metal riffs that only Darkthrone or Immortal could do right, and some SICK fucking croaks from Barbarud Hrom, but halfway through the song they cut to a midpaced CRUSHING headbanger of a riff that just makes you want to find the nearest poseur and put your fist through his sternum and eat his fucking heart right out of his chest while he watches. Black metal, yeah, but black METAL. - 5/5