Intellect Devourer - Demons of the Skull (LP)

Intellect Devourer - Demons of the Skull (LP)

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INTELLECT DEVOURER has long been accorded cult status in the Australian underground. Playing a uniquely extreme style of technical death metal, INTELLECT DEVOURER was a prominent fixture in the death metal scene in the 1990s. When the band dissolved, drummer Denny Blake went on to form STARGAZER, in addition to performing in such other bands as MISERY'S OMEN, MARTIRE, and CAULDRON BLACK RAM. INTELLECT DEVOURER will appeal to fans of technical and extreme death metal.


Track listing

  1. Damien Rose from the Tomb of Jesus
  2. Plane Negative
  3. Demons of the Skull
  4. Neo Carnivore
  5. Sorrow Incarnate
  6. Prayer to Thessaly
  7. Silent Mansion Where Innards Thrive
  8. Ship of No Return
  9. Waves of Blood