Coffins - Ancient Torture (2014 Reissue) (2CD)

Coffins - Ancient Torture (2014 Reissue) (2CD)

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2-disc collection of COFFIN's side from many of their numerous splits!


Track listing

  1. Eat Your Shit
  2. Corpse Parade
  3. Offalgrinder
  4. The Day Man Lost (Carnage cover)
  5. The Cracks of Doom
  6. Ebony Tears (Cathedral cover)
  7. Decapitated Crawl (Morbid Way to Die mix)
  8. Abysmal Blood Sea
  9. Cremated Remains
  10. Stillbirth
  11. Wasteland of Terror (Asphyx cover)
  12. Mortification to Ruin
  13. Decapitated Crawl
  14. Bonesawer (Pungent Stench cover)
  15. Countless Grave
  16. Evil Infection
  17. Only Corpse
  18. Acid Orgy (Goatlord cover)
  19. Torture
  20. Warhead (Venom cover)
  21. Warhead (Venom cover) (live)