Forgotten Spirit - The Masters of Slavonic Forests (Cassette)

Forgotten Spirit - The Masters of Slavonic Forests (Cassette)

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Rare tape from Ukraine! FORGOTTEN SPIRIT formed in the mid-nineties and released one tape, The Masters of Slavonic Forests, in 1997. They began recording new material in 1999, this was never completed and nothing has materialised since.
Melodic black metal with keyboards, "with melodies and spirit of ancient slavonic traditions".


Track listing

  1. The Legend of Ancient Gods
  2. Black Rose of War
  3. Tears of Fire
  4. The Masters of Slavonic Forests
  5. Ukraine
  6. Did You See How the Sun Died


What the hell is going on?? Here we have another excellent BM band, and it also comes from Ukraine! It even seems like FORGOTTEN SPIRIT sounds better than NOKTURNAL MORTUM, Ukraine's black metal gods! "The Masters..." is perfectly performed though badly recorded tape, with various melodies, beautiful guitar solos, amazing keyboards and ineffable atmosphere, taking us in times long before Anno Domini... It's original and sincere music, breathing with ancient Slavonic spirit. Check out the opening song, instrumental entitled "The Legend Of Ancient Gods" - it's simply a masterpiece! A MUST for everyone into black metal! - 5/5