Lord Wind - Ales Stenar (Cassette)

Lord Wind - Ales Stenar (Cassette)

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Lord Wind music is inspired by the spell and mysticism of ancient Atlanteans.


Track listing

  1. Ales Stenar
  2. Taken by Your Eyes
  3. Music of the Gods
  4. Nothing is Dark During Sunrise
  5. Freya Come to Us!
  6. Invisible Door to Oblivion
  7. El Cid
  8. Temple of Snakes
  9. Cult of Seth
  10. Epic Dawn Begins


There is a sense of completion in this bold, heroic glory, making me think Ales Stenar might be the peak of a long magical journey. It brings scenes of wiccan circles, mysterious bazaars and lost temples to my mind, creating an independent mythology both vivid and rich. To be blown away from the shackles of this world is easy when accompanied by songs like these. Though, I would not say this is music for meditation, but I guess that thought is evoked in many by the term spiritual. Rather I use it for moments of crafting, friendly conversation or feasting. The power hidden in this creation at least not calls to me to sit down and be still, but to enjoy the movement of life itself. - 5/5