Burmese / Cadaver Eyes - Split (CD)

Burmese / Cadaver Eyes - Split (CD)

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Like demented twins in crime, BURMESE & CADAVER EYES rephrase doom, grindcore and power electronics by using an agonizing mechanism of plain brutal aesthetics, ascending these genres to a higher level of cognitive surge.
This split CD is difficult and pungent, a warm spew in the face and an endless buzz in the eardrum that fiercely occupies the brain and treats the grey cells as if they were an ashtray. A crude awakening and a classic case of ponderous self indulgence.


Track listing

  1. Burmese - War Vs Women
  2. Burmese - Hard Cell
  3. Burmese - Your Job
  4. Burmese - 10,000 Knights In Baghdad
  5. Cadaver Eyes - Execution Procedure # Three
  6. Cadaver Eyes - Grow To Hate / Officer Arrest Man
  7. Burmese - No Blood No Cum
  8. Burmese - Dip In Blood
  9. Burmese - Boys Who Just Cried
  10. Burmese - Only The Good Die
  11. Cadaver Eyes - The White Supremacy
  12. Cadaver Eyes - Chocolate Soldier Disintegrates
  13. Burmese - Railway Of Death
  14. Burmese - Bible
  15. Burmese - Cut Across
  16. Cadaver Eyes - Ba Yom Yom / Sweet Home Alabama


This release fucking rocks in all its awkward ways. Disturbing as all hell. Obnoxious to the extreme. Sure to scare the neighbors and shake a few graves. - 4/5