The Magik Way - Il Rinato (CD)

The Magik Way - Il Rinato (CD)

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Formed by former members of MORTUARY DRAPE in 1996. Three quarters of All the Witches Dance / Secret Sudaria era MORTUARY DRAPE formed THE MAGIK WAY and released Dracula (1797-1997) in 1997. They reformed in 2012 to release a compilation and new album. Il Rinato is the second album since reforming. The current line-up: Old Necromancer, Maniac of Sacrifice, Diabolic Obsession, Nequam (all ex-MORTUARY DRAPE) and Azàch.

Their music is a complex form of art emphasized by obsessive litanies, ritual moments and amazing atmospheres, that is the essence of their ritualistic occut music. Musically there is an infinity of shades from ambient ritual, neofolk to occult music, from creeping soundtrack atmospheres to hallucinating dark doom rhythmics. Point of references: ULVER, AGALLOCH, DEVIL DOLL, BADALAMENTI, TOM WAITS, PAUL CHAIN.


Track listing

  1. Il rinato
  2. Il tempo verticale
  3. Cometa Sole
  4. Deforme
  5. In Igne Vivit Salamandra
  6. Le vampe
  7. Il sacro dolore
  8. Euforia del sangue
  9. La giaculatoria del doppio
  10. La processione