Wyrd - Kalivagi (CD)

Wyrd - Kalivagi (CD)

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Finnish pagan / black metal band WYRD (Tomi Kalliola with AZAGHAL members) brings their 8th album since 1998. After the last two albums The Ghost Album and Kammen which had a strong doom / rock vein, Kalivagi represents a return to the old pagan / black metal style known from their cult albums Heathen and Huldrafolk. This unique release brings Finnish melodic influences as well as melancholy.


Track listing

  1. Verisurma
  2. Kalivagi
  3. Hamaran Soutajat
  4. Loitsulaulu
  5. Talviyo
  6. Kaikki Metsan Kaiut


All the influences and eras of the band tie together beautifully to create an album which crowns the bands career to date, culminating in the highlight track of the album for me "Hamaran Soutajat" - a song that sums up the greatness of this underrated bands' career in just over 6 minutes. The folk influences take the forefront for the fourth track "Loitsulaulu", with a beefy chorus that would rouse even the most stoic of folk-hating metallers. In fact, the album as a whole is packed with huge choruses, as well as mellow acoustic interludes, touching melodies and a stroke of sadness that stains the overall feel of the release - a wholesome vibe that is a mile away from your usual mass produced major label nonsense. - 4/5