Karst - Lime Veins Bleed Rust (Cassette)

Karst - Lime Veins Bleed Rust (Cassette)

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Open your numb lashes, born of unconcern
Stare down the cesspit before yourself

Karst come from a background in black metal, but stress (out of respect) that their music is not. Genre classifications are boring, they'll settle with "extreme rock".
Karst follow in the tradition of bands that combine their wildy varied influences to emerge with something new and exciting. Voivod with speed metal and progressive rock, Dinosaur Jr combined hardcore punk and 60's jangly-guitar rock. You can hear a little of both in Karst's music. Their sound is not alien, but it is not simply black metal with less distortion. Their sound is richer and betrays members' love for post-punk and jazz.

Branching out from their metal roots, incorporating disparate musical influences honestly, Karst have created a great album!! Recommended.


Track listing

  1. Halogató / Dilatory
  2. Szagodakvusz / Shagodyoweq
  3. Eszmélve / Awaken
  4. Fajkísérlet / Race Experiment (Prelude to Halomra)
  5. Norák és lidércek / Wisps and Demons
  6. Kistérségi / Regional
  7. Savós / Serous
  8. Halomra / Mound
  9. Footprints of Harrison Crabfeathers
  10. Van egy malom / There is a Mill


Forward-thinking and exemplary... Finally some real uniqueness... Honest, raw, instinctive... - 5/5