Kapala - Infest Cesspool (CD)

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Formed in the depths of Kolkata, India, KAPALA have had one - and only one - objective since its formation: to play the most intense and bestial musick and annihilate the cesspool. Inspired by such legends such as GOATPENIS, REVENGE, BLACK WITCHERY, BLASPHEMY, CONQUEROR, and many other violent entities, KAPALA seek to wage total sonic warfare with a strong obsession for the concept of Survival of the Fittest.


Track listing

  1. Intro (To War)
  2. Homosapiennihilation
  3. Kapalik Hellstrike
  4. Thermobarik Spear
  5. A. K. S.
  6. Outro (Atrocity Cacophony)


If you like Gnaw Their Tongues and Wold, or just want to push your black metal tastes way down into nuclear savagery and barbaric, no-fi chaos then this is for you. If you want some semblance of musical structure then best pass. Like the plague. - 3/5