Aasgard - Nekriki Mistagogia (CD)

Aasgard - Nekriki Mistagogia (CD)

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Aasgard is a raw black metal from pagan land Hellas. The band was created at 2007 by Aethyr, Marrok and Vompras (ex member). We don't make policy with our music, we just stretch out the black metal plague.The line up is... Aethyr on music, lyrics Instruments & Vocals. Marrok at drums. Our themes to the music is satanism, pagan rites, dark passions, war, hate and ancient culture.


Track listing

  1. Call to War
  2. The Beginning of the Fall
  3. The Search for a Glorius Death
  4. Nekriki Mistagogia
  5. The Day Who the Gods Will Marching Again to Earth
  6. Nekropobi


Some of the small handful of fans familiar with the band might be taken aback by this more focused, less vicious material, but it's still quite heavy in the end, and it's not as if they have jumped ship for high quality production. Nekriki Mistagogia simply seems more aired out and thoughtful than the violent misanthropy of its predecessor, and that's not a bad thing unless you were expecting more of the Greeks' Beherit, Archgoat and VON-styled filth. - 3/5