Abhor - Ritualia Stramonium (Cassette)

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Limited pro cassette edition, includes free A2 poster!

A true cult release deserves the matching format: ABHOR are back with their long awaited sixth album Ritualia Stramonium, now released on official cassette edition! This Italian dark circle has been active for over 20 years now and they never followed any trends! The new album is deeply rooted in the 90s but not to be considered retro: The music simply breathes the old spirit and takes you on a ride to moldy catacombs, abandoned ruins and unholy rituals with its humming bass and the ritual organ excesses.


Track listing

  1. Between Flames and Moon
  2. Diabolus est qui id Invocat
  3. De Exorcismis et Supplicationibus Quibusdam
  4. I... the Witch
  5. Soul's Poison
  6. Circle of Stones
  7. The Chant of the Owl
  8. Wine of Sabbath
  9. Requiem for Errans Infernorum


With their sixth release, Abhor have really done it again. The band has been consistent with releasing some great music, and for the first record in four years; the time was clearly well spent. 2015 has been wrought with some interesting and great black metal releases thus far, and Ritualia Stramonium deserves a place near the top of that list. Dark at the right times, aggressive, memorable and addictive, Abhor have done the genre proud. - 5/5