Armagedda - Only True Believers (2011 Reissue) (CD)

Armagedda - Only True Believers (2011 Reissue) (CD)

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The killer second album by ARMAGEDDA, reissued in 2011 on CD.


Track listing

  1. Refuse the Blood of Jesus
  2. Only True Believers
  3. Emperor from the Eternal Dark
  4. For I am His Slave
  5. Poetry from a Poisoned Mind
  6. Demons
  7. F.T.W
  8. Endless Fields of Sorrow
  9. Ghostwood


From what I have said above I think it should be clear what kind of music this is. In case it's not: think Nocturno Culto from Darkthrone's voice off of the second, third, and fourth albums lying over a more ethereal, ambient-textured rock-based black metal attack that is more upbeat and "positive" than Gorgoroth while using that band's own vocabulary of riff references. A band like this is a child of latter-day simplistic Darkthrone, to be sure, but they pull off the style with grace and wit, and with (on this album) a steadily improving sense of songwriting. - 4/5