Black Cilice - A Corpse, a Temple (Digipak CD)

Black Cilice - A Corpse, a Temple (Digipak CD)

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Raw black metal dedicated to Portuguese Black Magic, to those who damn their souls summoning the dead, to fulfil their will of Chaos and Evil.


Track listing

  1. The Gate of Sulphur
  2. Night's Veil
  3. Blood to Murder
  4. The Key
  5. Resurrection of Dead Curses
  6. Among Dead Rats


A Corpse, a Temple is not easy to digest by any means, though it certainly is worth listening to if you're any kind of fan of black metal, even if your first instinct is to throw off your headphones the minute the music cuts into you. Black Cilice works best in smaller doses during the right type of mood, but they are an incredibly effective black metal band if given a proper listen. They seem to be aware of this fact, since this album (their longest release to date) only clocks in at 33 minutes, which for me works perfectly, despite a bit of a lag during the track Blood to Murder. It's about exactly the kind of music you'd want to hear from an enigma mystery band out of Portugal. Repeat listens are encouraged. - 4/5