Black Flag - Slip It In (CD)

Black Flag - Slip It In (CD)

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The fouth Black Flag album and another classic!! Varied and complex fusing punk, metal-sludge and jazz into a unique essential whole.


Track listing

  1. Slip It In
  2. Black Coffee
  3. Wound Up
  4. Rat's Eyes
  5. Obliteration
  6. The Bars
  7. My Ghetto
  8. You're Not Evil


Black Flag's 1984 album Slip It In is the most varied/diverse of their career. It features almost every different style of playing the band experimented with both before and after. It's definitely, like most Black Flag albums, a classic and a landmark for independent music. The band successfully tinkers with everything from sludgy "pre-grunge" metal, hardcore punk, and thrash to blues rock and jazz. - 5/5