Blodhemn - Holmengraa (CD)

Blodhemn - Holmengraa (CD)

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This iconic piece of northern coldness was recorded in November-December 2011 at Conclave and Earshot Studios, Bergen. The album is consistent with old school black metal, but also a wide range of diversity, originality and BLODHEMN's own, distinctive sound. Music written and performed by Invisus with the exeptions of "Black Horizons" (music by Jon Nödtveidt / John Zweetsloot, Lyrics: Jon Nödtveidt (DISSECTION).


Track listing

  1. Galgebakken
  2. Rettersted
  3. Djevelen i menneskeform
  4. Thingvellir
  5. Nekromani
  6. Maanelyst
  7. Telehiv
  8. Black Horizons (Dissection cover)


Another black metal band from Norway and another with quality written all over it, on debut album "Holmengraa" Blodhemn have put out a release many of the others who worship at the altar of the genre gods would love to call their own. Far from being a mere clone of their revered forbearers however, Blodhemn have instilled a mark of their own in the bristling and perfectly produced riffs which thunder into your ears at every moment in this 7 song opus at such a rate you would think riffing will be out of fashion any time soon. Melodically-inclined thrashing black metal this is, no further questions needed and created all by one man. - 4/5