Burzum - Sol austan, Mani vestan (Digipak CD)

Burzum - Sol austan, Mani vestan (Digipak CD)

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Sol Austan, Mani Vestan (East of the Sun, West of the Moon) is the 11th album from BURZUM and a return to a purely electronic and instrumental expression. Sol Austan, Mani Vestan is different from all the older albums, and yet similar to all of them, and is in style more than anything similar to the oldest ambient music of BURZUM, like the tracks "Tomhet", "Han Som Reiste" and "Channelling the Power of Minds Into a New God". Sol Austan, Mani Vestan is inspired by and made for the ForeBears movie by Marie Cachet and Varg Vikernes, where much of the Scaldic music from Sol Austan, Mani Vestan appears, only in unmastered form, as a soundtrack.

Sol Austan, Mani Vestan will feature almost an hour of instrumental electronic music, that can best be described as relaxing, slow-paced, contemplative and very much original. I have still not been able to leave behind the Pagan religious-spiritual concept of a descent into darkness and the following ascend back into the light; the Pagan initiation, the elevation of man to the divine, the enlightenment of the mind, the feeding of the elven light in man.


Track listing

  1. Sôl austan
  2. Rûnar munt þû finna
  3. Sôlarrâs
  4. Haugaeldr
  5. Feðrahellir
  6. Sôlarguði
  7. Ganga at sôlu
  8. Hîð
  9. Heljarmyrkr
  10. Mâni vestan
  11. Sôlbjörg


...unlike normal Burzum songs, it's more of a vibe one gets with the feeling of contentment; maybe that's because this may very well be Varg's last album as he had declared on his site that he is quitting Metal. The tracks do sound a little bit repetitive at times, which is the case with most instrumentals. The composition is simple but enchanting, classic Burzum style. The music grows on you and it's only a matter of time before you realise that you have been captivated by the magic and charm. No heavy distortions, just simple keys and bass and at times some clean guitar at work; simplicity at it's best. - 4/5