Ciel Nocturne - Season of Solitude (Cassette)

Ciel Nocturne - Season of Solitude (Cassette)

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French black metal. Debut demo. They would release one more demo before splitting. Members then went on to form the excellent AUTARCIE!


Track listing

  1. Intro / Matin d'hiver
  2. Fragments d'un Passe Qui Me Ronge
  3. Le Gout du Neant
  4. Declin Salutaire
  5. Season of Solitude Part I
  6. Paysage Fane
  7. La Foret Sanctuaire
  8. Grise Amertume
  9. Brumes et Pluies
  10. Season of Solitude Part II
  11. Outro / Degel