Circle of Ouroborus - Eleven Fingers (Digipak CD)

Circle of Ouroborus - Eleven Fingers (Digipak CD)

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This CD pressing follows last year's completely sold out LP version of what has become a modern classic. In a complete reinvention of what is comfortable, CIRCLE OF OUROBORUS produce a landmark album within their already prolific catalogue that ranges from moments of post-punk atonality, to subtle melody countered by calculated agression.

Stoughton gatefold, two pockets, 12 panel booklet with silver and gold pantone detail, disc in printed cardboard sleeve, and hand-inked artwork by artist Alexander Brown.


Track listing

  1. The Prayer
  2. Shadows Lead
  3. Warpath
  4. Staining the Paper to Create
  5. Sigil of Suns
  6. Magenta Chambers
  7. Soul to the Body


The biggest surprise, and greatest pleasure, though, is that Circle of Ouroborus no longer seem all that weird. Sure, one of the things that's always made CoO interesting is that dogged adherence to their original, obsessively personal aesthetic. (The "Ouroboros" is the symbol that shows a serpent forming a circle by swallowing its own tail. Or, as Klemi bellows in "Warpath": "My pulse is my mantra.") But if you didn't know the history, and didn't follow the timeline, Eleven Fingers would hit you like a great, haunting, moving post-punk record, not the culmination of a march inward by a couple of Finnish outsiders. - 5/5