Corpus Rottus - Rituals of Silence (2018 Reissue) (CD)

Corpus Rottus - Rituals of Silence (2018 Reissue) (CD)

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Cult death metal from Wilmington, Delaware. This CD collects:
Rituals of Silence - their only album, originally released November 1991 through King Fowley's (DECEASED) With Your Teeth Records
Demo 1991 - their debut demo
"Smell / Dark Winds of the Netherworlds" - taken from the With Your Teeth Records 1992 compilation Midnight Offerings I - Death Metal Sampler From The U.S.A.


Track listing

  1. Vomit Pool
  2. Hatred and Pain
  3. Spawns of Human Waste
  4. Mutilation
  5. Corpus Rottus
  6. Intensified Gore
  7. Reversed Prayer
  8. Bigotry
  9. Smell / Dark Winds of the Netherworlds
  10. Hatred and Pain
  11. Intensified Gore
  12. Reversed Prayer
  13. Mutilation
  14. F.T.H.