D.R.I. - Thrash Zone (1996 Reissue) (CD)

D.R.I. - Thrash Zone (1996 Reissue) (CD)

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Thrashing and slamming like hell in the pit
Tomorrow they know may not come
Banging and moshing like they don't give a shit
To the rapid beat of the drum

D.R.I.'s biggest release, total thrash! Punks & headbangers united.


Track listing

  1. Thrashard
  2. Beneath the Wheel
  3. Enemy Within
  4. Strategy
  5. Labeled Uncurable (Bonus track)
  6. You Say I'm Scum (Bonus track)
  7. Gun Control
  8. Kill the Words
  9. Drown You Out
  10. The Trade
  11. Standing in Line
  12. Give a Hoot
  13. Worker Bee
  14. Abduction